Another world through a round window – 明月院(Meigetsu-in Temple)

明月院(Meigetsu-in Temple) is a temple near the Kita-Kamakura station. This temple is well-known for its beautiful scenery through a round window. You can see other scenery in each season and it looks like another world. Also, you can see a beautiful garden of 枯山水(Kare-Sansui), a kind of Japanese rock garden. These rocks explain the water and […]

Walk an easy to access mountain near Tokyo – 丹沢 大山 Tanzawa-Oyama

大山(Oyama) is easy to access mountain in Kanagawa Prefecture. It takes just an hour from Shinjuku by train. There’re some shops and restaurants at the foot of the mountain. Also, there are some hot-springs so you can refresh after you enjoy to climb the mountain. Oyama means big mountain but the height of this mountain […]

Art is an Explosion – 川崎市岡本太郎美術館 Kawasaki-shi Taro Okamoto museum of Art

After we visited Kawasaki Nihon Minka-En, we went to the Taro Okamoto Museum of art.  He is one of the most famous artists in Japan. His saying is really well-known. “芸術は爆発だ(Art is an explosion).” This museum has a lot of his paintings and carvings. Also, there is a monument designed by Taro outside the museum. It is […]