Art is an Explosion – 川崎市岡本太郎美術館 Kawasaki-shi Taro Okamoto museum of Art

After we visited Kawasaki Nihon Minka-En, we went to the Taro Okamoto Museum of art.  He is one of the most famous artists in Japan. His saying is really well-known. “芸術は爆発だ(Art is an explosion).” This museum has a lot of his paintings and carvings. Also, there is a monument designed by Taro outside the museum. It is […]

Walking in Authentic Japan – 川崎市立日本民家園(Kawasaki Nihon Minka-En) Japan Open-air Folk House Museum

Last Sunday, I went to Nihon Minka-En in Kawasaki city with my wife. It took about  15 minutes on foot from 向ケ丘遊園(Mukogaoka-Yuen) station. There are a lot of Japanese traditional folk houses in this park. The price of the entrance fee for adults is 500yen. You can enter inside of some houses. When we entered […]

甲府城 / 舞鶴城(Kofu Jo / Maizuru Jo) Kofu/Maizuru Castle – Yamanashi Pref.

When you get off Kofu station, the statue of Shingen Takeda catches your eye first. He is one of the most well-known warlords in the Sengoku period. There are a lot of historical spots near Kofu station like Yamanote-mon and Kofu castle. Kofu castle has been chosen one of the greatest 100 castles. Kofu-jo is also called […]

黒部ダム(Kurobe Dam) The tallest dam in Japan – Toyama Pref.

Kurobe Dam is not only used for hydroelectric power generation but also Toyama’s major tourist destination because there is the beautiful natural scenery around Kurobe dam. Besides you can see magnificent Tateyama moutain range on the way to it. The water is discharged from the dam according to the schedule. You may see the rainbow […]

來宮神社(Kinomiya Jinja) Kinomiya Shrine – Sizuoka Pref.

Kinomiya shrine is the most well-known shrine in Atami. It is close from Atami station and a number of tourists visit here and pray. There are more than ten shrines named “Kinomiya” in Izu and each shrine has a Japanese camphor tree which lives over a thousand years. The biggest feature of this shrine is O-kusu,big Japanese camphor […]