The Oldest beer hall in Tokyo – ビヤホールライオン銀座七丁目店 Beer hall LION Ginza 7 tyo-me ten

I was hanging out with my wife on Sunday. We were looking for a restaurant for dinner and finally found this restaurant. The beer hall in this restaurant is built in 1934. We spent a really good time so I  report how this restaurant is great.


Majestic beer hall in Ginza

After walking the street on Ginza and you can find a splendid restaurant.  There is another LION group’s restaurant near here and be careful not to confuse 5 tyo-me ten and 7 tyo-me ten. 5 tyo-me ten is also a good restaurant though.

In the hall, there are over 280 seats so you don’t need to wait unless there is a big party in the restaurant. This hall has a high ceiling and it makes us feel open and relaxed.

There are a lot of beautiful pictures made with glass mosaic tiles on the wall. Beers are about 600 to 800 yen and foods are about 800 to 1500 yen. My wife ordered standard yebisu beer and I ordered amber yebisu beer.


Quick service and Tasty beers

We surprised that the dishes were served quickly. They came in 3 minutes after we orderd. We ordered marinated herring and cheese platter.

LION group takes how to pour beers seriously and they make smooth foam on the beer. 琥珀(Kohaku, means Amber) yebisu beer is my favorite beer. It has a roasted aroma and tastes rich.

After finished the first dishes, we ordered fish and chips, pizza, and pickles and all of them are good. Especially I love fish and chips’ soft and flaky texture. This restaurant has a lot of dishes that match yebisu beer.


Good place to drink alone not only with friends

There are a lot of staffs and they are checking empty glasses. If you want to drink another beer, they ask you whether you need another one. There are also a lot of tables in this hall so you can get a seat unless it is so crowded.

This restaurant is close to Ginza station. If you are interested in Japanese beer, try yebisu beers and good foods here.



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