Hang around 猿ヶ京(Sarugakyo) in Gunma Pref. – trip on a secret hot spring part2

Head for Sarugakyo by bus It takes about 40 minutes by bus from 上毛高原(Jomokogen) station to Sarugakyo. Keep in mind that you can’t use prepaid transportation cards like Suica and Pasmo. The way to Sarugakyo surrounded by brilliant green and I felt refreshed.   赤谷湖(Akayako) lake surrounded by beautiful nature We hanged arround after we […]

Amusing spots around 上毛高原(Jomokogen) station in Gunma Pref. – trip on a secret hot spring part1

Go to Jomokogen by the Joetsu Shinkansen line I went on a trip to a traditional Japanese inn with hot spring called 法師温泉(Ho-shi onsen) with my wife last May. This inn is well-known that Kwatabata Yasunari, a Japanese novelist who got Novel Prize, stayed for a while. We took the Joetsu Shinkansen line from Tokyo […]

甲府城 / 舞鶴城(Kofu Jo / Maizuru Jo) Kofu/Maizuru Castle – Yamanashi Pref.

When you get off Kofu station, the statue of Shingen Takeda catches your eye first. He is one of the most well-known warlords in the Sengoku period. There are a lot of historical spots near Kofu station like Yamanote-mon and Kofu castle. Kofu castle has been chosen one of the greatest 100 castles. Kofu-jo is also called […]

黒部ダム(Kurobe Dam) The tallest dam in Japan – Toyama Pref.

Kurobe Dam is not only used for hydroelectric power generation but also Toyama’s major tourist destination because there is the beautiful natural scenery around Kurobe dam. Besides you can see magnificent Tateyama moutain range on the way to it. The water is discharged from the dam according to the schedule. You may see the rainbow […]

來宮神社(Kinomiya Jinja) Kinomiya Shrine – Sizuoka Pref.

Kinomiya shrine is the most well-known shrine in Atami. It is close from Atami station and a number of tourists visit here and pray. There are more than ten shrines named “Kinomiya” in Izu and each shrine has a Japanese camphor tree which lives over a thousand years. The biggest feature of this shrine is O-kusu,big Japanese camphor […]

金沢城(Kanazawa Jo) Kanazawa Castle – Ishikawa Pref.

In 1582, Maeda Toshiie, the feudal lord of Kaga,  begun to build this Sophisticated castle. It is said that he invited Takayama Ukon who is known as a Christian feudal lord for construction. In clear weather, the white walls reflect the sunlight and look more beautiful.玉泉院丸庭園(Gyokusen-inmaru garden) located in Kanazawa castle park is a three-dimensional garden whose stone walls […]