A wonderful collaboration of Japanese popular foods: Eating Curry Udon in Toyohashi

Both curry and udon are popular Japanese foods. curry came from U.K. in the 18th century when Yokohama Harbour opened and curry became one of the most popular food in Japan after customized for Japanese teste and udon is typical Japanese traditional food. Curry Udon is a wonderful dish mixed curry and udon. Typical curry udon consists of curry soup and udon noodle.

We can eat curry udon at some udon restaurants but I recommend you to try the curry udon served at Tamagawa which is an udon restaurant in Toyohashi-city Aichi-Prefecture because I ate the best curry udon there in my life. Mandarin orange is attached for free ef your ordered curry udon.

The biggest feature of Tamagawa’s curry udon is that the rice is under the udon noodle. the rice and udon noodle are separated by a grated yam paste. This paste is mild and goes well with the spicy curry soup. You will be addicted to this great food.



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