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天橋立(Ama no Hashidate) One of Japan’s three scenic views – Kyoto Pref.

I decided to change the style of this blog. I have written about the detail and history of spots where I visited, but I realized it’s boring and too ordinary (and a bunch of blogs write same things). From now on, I’ll write about my honest feelings about that place. I believe it makes this blog more interesting and also it’s good way to remember what I was thinking in the past. Off course I’ll write about useful tips for each place as before too.

This is my first post about the place in Kyoto. The reason that I chose Ama-no-Hashidate first is that this is the best place in Kyoto where I have ever visited. I had been excited all time since arrived here because so many fantastic experience were waiting for me. First, I take a lift to go to the 天橋立ビューランド(Ama-no-Hashidate view land), amusement park with the viewing platform scenery from the lift is so beautiful and it was so relaxing time.


It was the best moment during the trip to Kyoto when I saw Amano-hashidate from view land. Brilliant green and blue are shining in front of my eyes. I was standing so long time seeing that magnificent scenery. I love beautiful nature like this because it can’t be made by human.

I recommend you to walk arround Amano-hashidate if you have enough time. There are a number of pine trees and you can enjoy the nice combination of trees and Japanse sea. I had been sitting the beach and seeing sea for a long time when I was there. It may be boring for some people, but it was so happy and relaxing time for me. You can’t enjoy seeing Japanese sea from the south side of Kyoto, so it is kind of unique experience.

Maybe you have the image of historical spots and traditional culture about Kyoto (off course it’s not wrong), but I also recommend you to see Japanese sea and nature in Kyoto.


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Fee , Open: http://www.viewland.jp/en/

Access: On foot from 天橋立駅(Ama-no-Hashidate Station) to the lift station: 5 min


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