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金沢城(Kanazawa Jo) Kanazawa Castle – Ishikawa Pref.


In 1582, Maeda Toshiie, the feudal lord of Kaga,  begun to built this sophisticated castle.

It is said that he invited Takayama Ukon who is known as a Christian feudal lord for construction.

In clear weather, the white walls reflect the sunlight and look more beautiful.


玉泉院丸庭園(Gyokusen-inmaru garden) located in Kanazawa castle park is a three-dimensional garden whose stone walls is 22m from the bottom of the pond.


Also some buildings related to the modern wars have left in this huge park.

This European-style building built in 1903 was a sixth brigade headquarters of the army.

Kanazawa castle park has a number of fascinating historic sites and buildings.

In addition, Kenrokuen, one of Japan’s three greatest gardens,is near at hand from here.

When you come to Hokuriku region, try and go this splendid park.


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Official site:http://www.pref.ishikawa.jp/siro-niwa/kanazawajou/e/index.html

Fee: free (some museums and buildings require entrance fee)

Open: open all year round

Access: 25 min from JR Kanazawa Station on foot


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