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來宮神社(Kinomiya Jinja) Kinomiya Shrine – Sizuoka Pref.


Kinomiya shrine is the most well-known shrine in Atami. It is close from Atami station and a number of tourists visit here and pray.


The biggest feature of this shrine is O-kusu,big Japanese camphor tree, in the precinct. Ancient Japanese had believed that spirits dwelled on huge natural creation such as rocks, waterfalls, and trees.

There are more than ten shrines named “Kinomiya” in Izu and each shrine has a Japanese camphor tree which lives over a thousand years.


O-kusu have lived more than two thousand years. It is believed that your life span is extended for one year if you walk around this mysterious tree once. In addition, if you walk around with a wish without telling it anybody, it will come true.


This beautiful portable shrine has been used in festivals in Kinomiya shrine. It is originally made in the early Showa era. However, it had been sleeping in a rusty state for a long time. Local residents and craftsmen restored it to gorgeous and brilliant.

Atami is a great city to enjoy hot springs and eat delicious seafoods. When you come to Atami, why don’t you visit this elegant shrine with history?


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Official site: http://www.kinomiya.or.jp/ (Japanese)

Fee: Free

Open: 365 days a year

Access: 5 min from JR Kinomiya station(one stop from Atami staion) on foot


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