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甲府城 / 舞鶴城(Kofu Jo / Maizuru Jo) Kofu/Maizuru Castle – Yamanashi Pref.


When you get off Kofu station, the statue of Shingen Takeda catch your eye first. He is one of the most well-known warlords in Sengoku period.There are a lot of historical spots near Kofu station like Yamanote-mon and Kofu castle. Kofu castle has been chosen one of the greatest 100 castles.


Kofu-jo is also called Maizuru-jo, maizuru means flying crane. One theory says that the name originated from the shape of its lost castle tower. However there are  a few documents about the castle tower so it remains a mystery.

You can get a full view of Kofu city from the castle tower ruin.


You can learn the history and structure of this castle at 山手門(Yamanote-mon, a historical gate near Kofu station) and 稲荷櫓(Inari-yagura, a kind of historical warehouse). The park around this castle is not lively place. But I like here because I can take my time to imagine ancient Japan.

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Fee: Free

Open: all year round, but 稲荷櫓(Inari-yagura) is closed Monday(except for national holidays), the following day of national holidays, and from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3.

Access:On foot from Kofu Station: 5 min


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