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駒門風穴(Komakado Kazaana ) Large Cave near Mt. Fuji – Shizuoka Pref.


Komakado-Kazaana, “Kazaana” means air hole, is a huge cave near Mount Fuji.The main hole called Honketsu has a total length of about 291m and the another hole called Edaana is about 110m from the branch point. It is the lava cave made by a large explosion of Mount Fuji about a million years ago and it has been designated as a national natural monument.You have to watch your step in this cave because it is dim and wet. At the same time, you can taste a kind of adventure mood.


The internal temperature is kept at 13 ℃ throughout the year so that you can feel the cool and comfortable air if you visit here in the summer.


Also you can drink the spring water from Mt. Fuji outside the cave.It is a good idea to quehch your thirst by the water after your expedition is over.


Around Komakado-Kazaana is a residential area rather than a tourist destination.Therefore you can feel the idyllic life of Japan by trip to this cave.When you come to nearby Fujioka Station, please try to come here and feel the nature created by Mt. Fuji.


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Fee: Adult – 200yen, Hish school or Junior high school student – 150yen, Child – 100yen


open all year round (Mon. are closed during December to Febuary)

a.m. 9:00 to p.m. 17:00 (a.m. 9:00 to p.m. 16:00 during December to February)


On foot from Fujioka Station: 13 min


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