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黒部ダム(Kurobe Dam) The tallest dam in Japan – Toyama Pref.


Kurobe dam in Toyama Prefecture is the best-known dam in Japan. The height is 186m and that is the tallest in Japan.

Kurobe Dam is not only used for hydroelectric power generation but also Toyama’s major tourist destination because there is the beautiful natural scenery around Kurobe dam. Besides you can see magnificent Tateyama moutain range on the way to it. The water is discharged from the dam according to the schedule. You may see the rainbow in a sunny day.


The construction of Kurobe Dam began in 1956, but it was unimaginably difficult. The transportation of materials to the construction site located in the depths of the mountains took a great amount of time. A lot of accidents occured and a total of 171 people died during the construction.There is a memorial monument for martyrs to duty by the side of Kurobe dam.


It takes a long time to come to Kurobe dam, but it is the one of best part of the trip to Kurobe dam to take the bus and ropeway seeing fascinating nature of Toyama.


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Use Alpine Route.

Official site: http://www.alpen-route.com/en/


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