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松本城( Matsumoto – Jo) Matsumoto Castle – Nagano Pref.


Matsumoto Castle is located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. It has the oldest six-storied castle tower in Japan. This castle tower which had built from Azuchi Momoyama period to early Edo period is designated as a national treasure and the castle ruins has been designated as a national historic site. Due to the black look of that tower, it is also called Karasu (means crow) Castle.

You can enter the garden around Matsumoto castle without charge when some events like Noh are held.


From the first floor to the third floor of the tower has a lot number of pillars to sustain the weight of whole castle. In the castle tower, the tile and Kazukugi, collection of matchlock, are exhibited. Also, the old figure of Matsumoto Castle is on display, so you can learn about the history of Matsumoto castle and Matsumoto city.


From the top floor, you can see the town and the mountains of the Northern Alps. The spirit called Sakuya protected this castle. It is on the center of the beam in the top floor. Streets near Matsumoto Castle keep the taste of old lifestyle.

Matsumoto Castle doesn’t have huge tower and gorgeous decor. However, you can feel the atomosphere of ancient Japan. When you visited the Matsumoto City, I want you to feel good old days of Japan by coming here.


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Fee , Open: http://www.matsumoto-castle.jp/info

Access: On foot from Matsumoto Station: 14 min


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