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三保の松原(Miho no Matsubara ) Mt.Fuji with Pine trees – Shizuoka Pref.


Speaking of Japanese symbol, what do you imagine?

The majority of Japanese will answer “It’s mount Fuji.”

Miho-no-Matsubara is a scenic area of a superb view overlooking the Mount Fuji and Matsubara, means pine forest, from the coastline.


This place has been popular in Japan from the Heian period, 794 – 1185.

Also it has been selected in one of the new Japanese three most famous views.

In addition, it is peripheral asset of of the world heritage.


This forest has a legend called “Hagoromo,” means a kind of robe for angels .

Once upon a time, A fishermen Hakura had lived in Miho.

One day, he found a beautiful cloth hanging on the branch of a pine tree.

Hakura was pleased and taking it home.

Then, a angel appeared and said:

“It is my robe. Please give me back!”

Hakura said:

“This is mine! … But if you show me the dance of angel wearing this robe, I’ll give it back to you.”

She wore the robe and started dancing along the Mount Fuji, and ascended to heaven.


Miho-no-matsubara is a little away from the station so you need to go by car or bus.

However, it is a great place where you can see Japanese impressive scenery, try a visit this fantastic spot.


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Fee: Free

Open: 365 days a year


Car: 17 minutes from JR Shimizu station. Free parking available.

If it’s difficult to rent a car,you can use taxi from Shimizu station.

Bus: 25 minutes From JR Shimizu Station(JR清水駅) by Miho-houmen-yuki-bus(三保方面行バス).
Get off at “Miho-Matsubara-Iriguchi”(三保松原入口) and walk 10 minutes.


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