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岡山後楽園(Okayama Korakuen ) One of the Three Great Gardens in Japan – Okayama Pref.


Korakuen is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan in Okayama. This spectacular garden was built by Ikeda Tsunamasa, a feudal lord of Okayama in the early Edo period. There are a number of historical buildings which represents Genroku bunka.

This place was an oasis for successive feudal lords.

In the “Sawa-no-Ike(ike means pond)” of the park, you can see the beautiful gold and vermilion carps.



Also it is one of the biggest features of Korakuen that you can see Okayama castle from here.

Okayama castle is a beautiful castle painted deep black.

In the castle tower, you can enjoy not only historic exhibition but also Japanese sweets like zenzai, race cake with sweet bean paste, and kakigoori, shaved ice with sweet syrup.

If you come to Korakuen, I recommend you to visit Okayama castle too because it is close to this garden.


This magnificent garden is a little far from Okayama station, but it is possible to come here on foot.

When you visit the west Japan by Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train), why not try to stopover and visit Okayama?


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Fee: 400 yen. Common ticket with Okayama castle and museums available. see official site

Open: open all year round


  • On foot from JR Okayama Station: 25 min
  • City bus from JR Okayama Station: 12 min
    Take the bus bound for Fujiwara Danchi from bus terminal platform 1. The gardens are next to the Korakuen-Mae bus-stop.


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