Walking in Authentic Japan – 川崎市立日本民家園(Kawasaki Nihon Minka-En) Japan Open-air Folk House Museum

Last Sunday, I went to Nihon Minka-En in Kawasaki city with my wife. It took about  15 minutes on foot from 向ケ丘遊園(Mukogaoka-Yuen) station. There are a lot of Japanese traditional folk houses in this park. The price of the entrance fee for adults is 500yen.

You can enter inside of some houses. When we entered a house, staffs were using a hearth called 囲炉裏(Irori). It was really warm and we enjoyed a beautiful flame. Early people use Irori not only to warm them but also to make some dishes like 鍋(Nabe).

These houses are collected from all over Japan so you can see the difference of fold houses due to the region. For example, some houses came from the Tohoku region, the north side of Japan, has a thin roof made by glasses to protect the house against cold.

These beautiful orange fruits are Japanese persimmons. Dried persimmons are called 干柿(Hoshi-Gaki) and these are sweet and rich.

This park is not gorgeous but you can feel the authentic Japanese traditional life in here.


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