Walk an easy to access mountain near Tokyo – 丹沢 大山 Tanzawa-Oyama

大山(Oyama) is easy to access mountain in Kanagawa Prefecture. It takes just an hour from Shinjuku by train. There’re some shops and restaurants at the foot of the mountain. Also, there are some hot-springs so you can refresh after you enjoy to climb the mountain. Oyama means big mountain but the height of this mountain […]

黒部ダム(Kurobe Dam) The tallest dam in Japan – Toyama Pref.

Kurobe Dam is not only used for hydroelectric power generation but also Toyama’s major tourist destination because there is the beautiful natural scenery around Kurobe dam. Besides you can see magnificent Tateyama moutain range on the way to it. The water is discharged from the dam according to the schedule. You may see the rainbow […]

立山連峰(Tateyama Renpo ) Tateyama mountain range – Toyama, Nagano, and Gifu Pref.

Tateyama mountain range is a part of the Hida Mountains that straddles in Toyama, Gifu, and Nagano Prefecture. This huge range has some glaciers and the terrain formed by the large-scale glacier that existed in the ice age. The views of Tateyama mountains from the city is wonderful. However, it is also exceptional what you […]