Walk an easy to access mountain near Tokyo – 丹沢 大山 Tanzawa-Oyama

大山(Oyama) is easy to access mountain in Kanagawa Prefecture. It takes just an hour from Shinjuku by train. There’re some shops and restaurants at the foot of the mountain. Also, there are some hot-springs so you can refresh after you enjoy to climb the mountain.

Oyama means big mountain but the height of this mountain is 1,252m and there are good roads to the top so beginners can enjoy climbing.

It takes about 3 hours to the top in general but you can go faster if you use the cable car.

There are big shrine and cafes in the middle of the mountain.  It might be a good idea to take a rest here if you are tired and get hungry.

The view from the top is fascinating. There is a small shop there and you can buy some foods and drinks include beer!  I brought some rice-balls and soups. Eating something on the top of the mountains always makes me happy.

This mountain is well maintained and it’s easy to walk. If you would like to refresh in nature, I highly recommend this mountain.


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