Art is an Explosion – 川崎市岡本太郎美術館 Kawasaki-shi Taro Okamoto museum of Art

After we visited Kawasaki Nihon Minka-En, we went to the Taro Okamoto Museum of art.  He is one of the most famous artists in Japan. His saying is really well-known. “芸術は爆発だ(Art is an explosion).” This museum has a lot of his paintings and carvings. Also, there is a monument designed by Taro outside the museum.

It is not permitted to take pictures in the museum but we can take pictures in some areas. This is a chair shaped a hand designed by Taro.

Taro was shocked when he watched Picasso’s paintings and Taro was trying to transcend him. On the other hand, he worked as not only a painter but also photographer, writer, and actor. He wanted us to feel the art familiar through those activities. He loved vivid colors especially red like blood. His painting has strong messages and you must feel something from them.


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